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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Behind the scenes

Back in 2012, I landed a little gig at Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai where my primary job was--here you go--model sourcing and co-ordinating. I had to pick up my jaw that had dropped, because 1) What on earth did I have to do with models and co-ordinating? 2) What on earth?  My intention had been fairly simple. Go meet the bright folks at GPP, tell them I would write and photograph for food, get hired, and come back happy. I was hired alright, but was put into the hands of Mrs Hadia Nehme in assisting her with model sourcing. Mrs. Nehme is the boss ya'll need. The job was temporary-for the length of the event (five days) and I go to meet some amazing models, gorgeous people, saw the most talented photographers at work, drank a lot of coffee, steamed a lot of clothes, made a truckload of lists, woke up models from their sleep to remind them of their shoots, and yes, broke down as well. The job got to me, and I broke down. So one day I decided to take in my camera and fool around a little bit with the time I got around models as they put on their makeup. That I think was the best thing that came out of my experience with GPP. Oh, and also witnessing the best GPP shootout where Gregory Heisler (one of my favourite photographers) took his gorgeous winning shot. You can check out more pictures in this series in its full glory on 500px HERE!

(There's this certain feeling - an emotion, when you go close to a person and yet not too close enough so that you can actually see a moment being born. This is model Fara Manalo during make-up session for Claire Rosen's workshop at Gulf Photo Plus 2012)

( A beautiful moment. Gulf Photo Plus 2012)

(Aneta Nascimento, one of my favourite models, being prepped by makeup artist Aleca Hardy for Claire Rosen's workshop at Gulf Photo Plus 2012)

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